Sunday, 20 November 2011



the school holiday has started...what's your plans for the little ones? for those who still searching places the best kindy for their children in Kuantan, why not take a visit to our kindy, Tadika Muslim Kreatif, located at Taman Astana Permai, Indera Mahkota 12, Kuantan...just opposite the Bukit Istana area...

we still open for registration, so parents who interested in Little Caliph pre-school program, this is your opportunity to make sure your beloved ones are prepared with both knowledge (dunia & akhirah) for a better bright future. come and register with us!

"Little Caliph...benefiting from both worlds"

Sunday, 6 November 2011

6 pillars of iman

An interesting way of telling our kids the 6 pillars of Iman.Do show them this video.InsyaAllah,they will be easy to remember in other way,will entertain them.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Open Day


With the grace of Allah and His willing,Alhamdulillah we will be opening our very first branch of Tadika Muslim Kreatif using The Little Caliph Programme in Taman Astana Permai , Indera Mahkota 12, Kuantan.The open day will be held on 13th November 2011.All parents are invited to join and there will be registration session, colouring contest, Q & A session, talk by the founder of the little caliph programme, and etc. Here are some info for the parents who have no idea about little caliph programme but interested to know.
  • Date : 13th November 2011
  • Vanue : Taman Astana Permai, Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan
  • Contact : 019-874 6555 (puan syarifah syary syarina)

What is Little Caliphs Program ?

The Little Caliphs Program is a creative Islamic English pre-school programs for 4 to 6 years old children that integrates the basic teaching of Islam with other basic knowledge and skills such as reading, writing ,drawing, math, and English.
The program promotes the child's spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical potential.The program is offered to be the standard curriculum for English-Islamic kindergartens all over the world.
Applying and integrating the various proven learning & teaching methodologies:
  • Whole Brain Learning
  • Multiple Intelligences Teaching
  • Multi-sensory Learning Styles
  • Accelerated learning
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Integrated Learning Systems
  • 5Rs: Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, Reasoning, and memoRzing
  • Individualized and high personal touch
Subject And Module
Teaching Islam is the most fulfilling element of teaching and learning. TLCP teaches Islam through Integrated Cross Curricular and Hands-on Teaching Approach. Our components for this program are:
  • Individualized technique
  • Hafazan using Huffaz System
  • Integrated Islam in
    • Practical life (Solat, dua, zikr, akhlaq and Aqidah)
    • Science (Adab)
    • Vocabulary (Adab, fiqh)
    • Mathematics (Tasawwur)
    • Seerah (History and Geography)
    • Art and Craft
    • Active Learning (Islamic Songs)
We strongly believe that early learning exposure of Islam in children will leave a long lasting impact in their life towards realizing and accepting that Allah is their Lord and Sustainer, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is their teacher and role model and Islam is the way of life.
We hope for a great thawab for teaching Islam to children in their early learning years.
The above modules are offered in the following set of curriculum:
  • KG I (First year, age 4 or 5)
  • KG II (Second year, age 5 or 6)
  • KG II Advance
  • Iqra (optional)
  • Swimming Classes (optional)
Six Core Values
Towards duplicating the special traits of the first generation of muslim (the sahabah) in obeying Alllah and following the sunnah of Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, the following core values shall be instilled to all Little Caliphs operators, staff, teachers, student and parent.
  1. The understanding of the Two Kalimah Syahadah
  2. The learning and love of the 5-times SOLAT and other obligations as the slave of Allah
  3. The love for seeking knowledge and remembering Allah
  4. The good manners as a Khalifah of Allah (akhlaq, adaab) and the love to his Muslim brothers and sisters
  5. The sincerity for Allah, and the belief of Allah’s rewards in this world and akhirah
  6. The duty to propagate the teaching of Islam.
TLCP Methodology: Source of knowledge
Sourcing contents from Al-Quran, Hadith and authentic Islamic books
Guided by Tarbiyatul-Awlad (Educating children in the light of Islam)
Pre-School Curriculum of Malaysian Ministry of Education
Creative Integration of Islam and Knowledge
Integrating the teachings of Islam in language, reading, writing, math, and science in a creative and lively manner.
Focus on four key development and growth areas:
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Emotional And Social

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